Dont buy your equipment! Rent it

March 28, 2009

Tool-rental services offer thousands of great tools and machines. You can rent just about any power tool that exists, take on big projects and avoid the burden of maintaining and storing a tool you may need only once or twice a year. Rental rates vary widely, but you can rent many tools for $6 to $60 a day, although large equipment may cost considerably more.

For example, a Generator – 2500watt will cost $37 a day to rent. A Cement Mixer Gas Powered 1 1/2 Bag will cost $55 da day to rent.

Whether to buy or rent a particular tool usually hinges on two factors: cost and frequency of use. If your rental fees would pay for the purchase of the tool or machine in a year, then it probably makes sense to buy the item upfront. If not, rent it! Renting tools gives you access to an entire universe of expensive equipment usually owned only by professionals.

Source: Orangeville Equipment Rentals


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March 28, 2009

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